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The SAT is a standardized test, as everyone knows, but most people don’t realize that this standardization means that the SAT has to be repetitive and predictable in order to be standardized effectively. This means that the SAT must have certain design rules and patterns. So effective SAT preparation will involve learning to exploit these weaknesses in the test.

Savvy test-takers can exploit these design rules and patterns in order to raise their SAT scores without necessarily increasing the number of math formulas or vocabulary words they know. This web site provides a small introduction to some of the strategies that are most useful on the SAT. Good and bad strategies are briefly discussed, with YouTube videos provided to explain and illustrate certain points.

By no means is this a complete listing of all the various SAT strategies that you might find useful. But this site hopes to give you an introduction to some of the general concepts relating to SAT strategies, with links and videos so you can explore further on your own. After all, the best SAT preparation should really be a journey that gives you the opportunity to grow intellectually, and nothing is better for that than the process of teaching yourself a new set of skills.

So remember that the SAT isn’t really what it seems to be. It’s not a test of advanced math or advanced vocabulary. It’s not a test that really rewards intelligence or subject-matter knowledge. It’s something else entirely, and if you have the right SAT strategies then you’ll find the test much easier to beat.

SAT Strategies

This site offers you 4 main pages with introductions to the types of strategies that you might find useful on each major area of the test. Click the appropriate links to see:

SAT Tips

Many students want a list of specific tips to keep in mind when taking the test. Here’s a list of tips from the College Board itself. Here are some that we’ve found from around the web. It’s up to you to judge which ones are valid for you:

  1. Build a SAT vocabulary list from past tests.
  2. Experiment with different reading strategies.
  3. Know special triangles for math.
  4. Always guess.
  5. Read a lot to prepare.
  6. Consider opposing points of view in your essay.
  7. Practice with official tests.
  8. Use impressive words in your essay.
  9. Use your calculator.
  10. Memorize Math formulas.
  11. Stay relaxed.
  12. Bring enough pencils and batteries.
  13. Consider wearing pajamas.

Videos On The Strategic Approach To The SAT

Here’s a video on the strategy of anticipation:

And here’s one on general strategies for the SAT Math section, to give you a further idea what those can look like sometimes:

Here’s a video on what to do the week of the test:

And here’s a video with general tips on raising your score. See what you think of it:

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